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Think of sapphire crystal will think what droplight, glass, or a common material actually appears in the wrist watch mirror is not the focus of this article to discuss, because this article in the hand but sapphire crystal as a case, but this have what fantastic, many brands have done, like RICHARD MILLE, GREUBEL FORSEY, BELL&ROSS to ZENITH brought the crystal case, but they are transparent crystal casing, connect down to want introduction of hand is to comes in color sapphire crystal case, can saying is the fusion of Art perfectly.

The Big Bang Unico sapphire series on display in HUBLOT this year is very rich, contains research and development of new color sapphire style, and barrel shaped case the soul of the Big Bang was appeared, light look the way it is amazing. The brand also plans to turn the sapphire wristwatch into one of the regular forms.

Big Bang Unico Sapphire Crystal Replica Watch

Sapphire crystal is a hard, wear-resistant material with good penetrability and is therefore used as a mirror of the wristwatch. But its production process is very difficult, because the crystal hardness is very high, through the drill holes, cutting and processing process, it's easy to let crystal fracture, so the light is to make arc sapphirine crystal has need high technology, let alone make a angular case !

And HUBLOT replica watch table not only just make transparent sapphire crystal, this year (2017) also produced many color sapphire crystal casing, table contains color gem ring styles, and recently published two sapphire crystal case one blue and one red watch, is also a world first. These stunning crystal watches are created by HUBLOT, a high-tech watchmaker based in nyon, Switzerland, which specializes in r&d and innovation.

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