New Academic Year

With the start of the 2016-2017 Academic Year, we are pleased to welcome you back to campus, or to welcome you for the first time. We hope that the freshmen will have a successful adjustment to university life, the sophomores and the juniors will triumph over any challenges, and the seniors will have a fulfilling last year. In addition, a special thanks to our faculty for their efforts and hard work that enhance the capabilities of the department. Welcome again and wish you all a great new acad...Read More


By Dr. Michael E. Rudd
Department of Physiology and Biophysics University of Washington School of Medicine Seattle, WA 98195 USA

" Perceptual and cortical mechanisms of surface lightness representation "

I will describe some perceptual experiments designed to test current theories of lightness perception (the perception of the gray levels of achromatic material surfaces). The results challenge some leading lightness theories, but they are consistent...Read More


Dr Jaap Munneke

" The Many Faces of Attention "

In this talk I will present a series of research projects that tie in tightly with theories on visual attention, but which often go beyond the classic literature. In the first line of research I will explain how the presence of value in a visual display guides attention in the face of opposing task-goals. A second line of research will establish a direct link between attention and working memory process...Read More

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