Perspective and Memory, and Theory of Mind Development

Congratulations to Eda Önoğlu and Kerem Yalçın, and Elif Solmaz who have received TÜBİTAK's most prestigious undergraduate award: BİDEB 2209 - University Students Research Project Support Program. Two grants were awarded for the following projects:
(1) Perspective and Memory (Elif Solmaz)
(2) The Profile of Theory of Mind Development in Turkish Children and The Effect of Parenting
Attitudes on Children's Theory of Mind Development (Eda Önoğlu and Kere...Read More

Hüseyin Boyacı Wins Prestigious Award!

Hüseyin Boyacı has been awarded TUBITAK's most prestigious award: a 1001 research grant! The grant was awarded for his project entitled: "Cortical Correlates of the Contrast Perception Affected by Context-dependent Lightness".

Congratulations Prof. Boyacı!

Laith Al-Shawaf Wins German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Grant!

Congratulations to Laith Al-Shawaf who won a German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) grant to study: “Health Awareness and Diseases of Affluence: A Multi-Regional Survey (Germany, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, and the UAE)”, as well as: "Educational Reforms: Inclusiveness, Interdisciplinarity and Progress".

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