IRB Application Guideline for Psychology Students

Psychology undergraduate students who work on undergraduate research projects that will NOT involve external institutions (e.g. TÜBİTAK, Ministry of National Education, etc.) or be aimed for publication should apply to the Psychology Department Ethics Committee instead of the University Ethics Committee.

Students should fill out the ‘Bilkent Student Ethics Form’ (see link below), attach the necessary documents (i.e., Informed Consent Form, Debriefing Form, Study Materials, Recruitment Materials), and send without signatures to Dr. Ezgi Sakman at to start the evaluation process. (Templates for Informed Consent and Debriefing Forms are available in the links below)

Students need to make sure their application is in line with the Checklist provided in the link below. Also, for all students’ applications, advisors must review the application before it is submitted to check whether the application addresses ethical issues (e.g., anonymity, confidentiality, right for withdrawal with no negative consequences, etc.) and has the necessary documents. The checklist that has been filled out by both the students and the advisor also needs to be submitted at the time of the application.

Here is a recording from an information session on how to apply for ethical approval within the department:

Recording of the IRB Information Seminar

If Psychology undergraduate students need to submit Ethics Committee Approval to the institutions outside (e.g. TÜBİTAK, Ministry of National Education, etc.) or aim to publish their findings from the study, their supervisors (NOT students) need to apply to the University Ethics Committee via Staff Ethics Form.

Psychology Graduate Students need to apply directly to the University Ethics Committee with their names via ‘Bilkent Student Ethics Form’ through the ECAHS system (