20 December, 2013Dr. Miri Besken
Postdoctoral Assoc. at Dusseldorf University, Germany
"Easily Perceived, Easily Remmebered? Double Dissonations and Memory Performance"
13 December, 2013Dr. Emre Selçuk,
Department of Psychology
"I Feel Cared for, Therefore I am Well"
5 December, 2013Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Bpyacı
Department of Psychology
Bilkent University
"Contextual Influences on Human Visual Perception"
14 November, 2013Asst. Prof. Justin Marcus
Özyeğin University
Gen Me, Gen We: The Moderating Roles of Job & Organizational Context on Relations between Generational Cohort and Work Outcomes"
26 October, 2013 Prof. Dr. Carnot E. Nelson
Department of Psychology, Bilkent University
"US Graduate Schools : The Application Process"
17 April, 2013Asst. Prof. Emin Karagözoğlu
Bilkent University, Department of Economics
"The Interaction of Commitment and Reason in Bargaining: A test of Schelling’s hypothesis"(joint work with Gary E. Bolton)
3 April, 2013Asst. Prof. Annette Hohenberger
Middle East Technical University
"The Development of Understanding of Evidentiality and Theory of Mind - Taking a Turkish Perspective"
20 March, 2013Dr. Nedret Öztan
Part-Time Faculty, Bilkent University
Psychologist, The Institution for Psychological Services
"Psychosocial Interventions after Disasters and Lessons Learned in Turkey"
1 March, 2013David M.G. Lewis
The University of Texas at Austin
"Personality Traits as Problem Solving Strategies: An Evolutionary Investigation into Individual Differences"Photos
26 February, 2013 Gül Günaydın
Cornell University, the USA
"How do I know you? First Impressions from Static Images to Live Interactions"Photos
22 February, 2013Catalina Iricinschi
Cornell University, the USA
"Landscapes of Stories: Encoding and Segmenting Visual and Literary Narrative"
19 February, 2013Dr. Rebecca Reese Akçakaya
VA Boston Healthcare System
Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School,
Teaching Fellow in Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
"Improving Psychosocial and Physical Outcomes in Patients with Cardiac Disease and Associated Problems"Photos
15 February, 2013Eunae Cho
University of South Florida
"Work and Nonwork Crossroads: The Role of Guilt"Photos
13 February, 2013Prof. Dr. Timothy R. Jordan
Leicester University
"Investigating Fundamental Processes in Human Communication"Photos
19 December, 2012Nevin Solak, Middle East Technical University"Affective Underpinnings of System Justification: The Case for System-Level Emotions"Photos
12 December, 2012Dr. İrem Uz
TOBB ETU University
The interplay between self-construal and regulatory focus in decision
making under risk and uncertainty"Photos
5 December, 2012Asst. Prof. Aikaterini Michou
Bilkent University, Faculty of Education
"Trying to master your class material sounds good, but trying to do so because you feel coerced could be detrimental"
28 November, 2012Asst. Prof. Saime Tek
Bilkent University
"Language Development in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"Photos
21 November, 2012Dr. Didem Kadıhasanoğlu
Indiana University
"An Evolutionary Robotics Approach to Visually-Guided Braking: Data and Theory"Photos
31 October, 2012
Dr. Aslı Kılıç
Post Doctoral Researcher at Koç University
“Output interference and the strength based mirror effect in recognition memory.” Photos
17 October, 2012
Asst. Prof. Michelle M. Adams
Acting Chair of the Department of Pyschology, Bilkent University
"Cognitive Aging and Its Relationship to Synaptic Structure and Function." Photos
10 October, 2012
Asst. Prof. Engin Arık
Işık University
"Crosslinguistic and crossmodal investigations of space:
Describing space and making linguistic judgments about spatial relations" Photos