Three faculty members are awarded for TUBITAK 1001 Grant!

Michelle Adams, Huseyin Boyaci, and Timothea Toulopoulou are awarded for TUBITAK 1001 Grant! 

The project title of Michelle Adams is “Environmental And Genetic Contributions To Inflammation And Its Associated Oxidative Stress During Aging, As Well As Potential Diet And Drug Therapies To Alter Their Course: Possible Regulators Of And Treatments For “Oxy-Inflammaging“.

The project title of Huseyin Boyaci is “Neuronal Basis of Perceptual Learning“.

The project title of Timothea Toulopoulou is “Developmental Trajectory of Working Memory Circuits in Adolescent and Young Adult Twins: Cortical maturation, genetic and environmental risk for schizophrenia, and the implications for the vulnerability to psychosis“.